Customizable form-building plugin for WordPress
With 30 inbuilt elements and counting, you can create all kinds of forms within minutes.
Calculation and conditional fields, file uploads, email customization, PayPal payment, WooCommerce integration and many more features!

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“ez Form Calculator is one of the best form calculators you can find for WordPress. We like the fact that the plugin offers the creation of simple forms, while on the other side it offers such an extensive and powerful customization which professional users will love. It’s really hard to mention each and every feature there is, yet each one might be quite important to you” –

“With a user friendly interface, exceptional form creation features and an affordable price that is lower than Gravity forms, in my opinion, ez Form Calculator is a great plugin to add to your development tools. The plugin has all the features found in Gravity forms (including their premium add-ons) […]” –

“I wish I could add more than 1 reason to explain why I rated this plug-in with 4 stars. To put it shortly, it ez Form Calculator works exactly as expected. It has a lot of features, while it’s UI – especially after the last update – is simple enough to allow my clients to design their own forms. I really appreciated the amount of examples provided. The support is also efficient and provided good answers to my questions.” – kikaweb

“A great plugin, I’ve built 100’s of wordpress sites with 100’s of plugins, this one is just great and almost too affordable, very happy with it.” – webgeniusoz

  • Generate forms with visual drag’n’drop-editor
  • 30 different form elements like dropdown-menus, checkboxes, datepicker etc. (and counting)
  • Advanced calculation: perform multiple calculations with each form element
  • Conditional logic: show, hide and set values conditionally
  • Discounts: modify price by value ranges
  • File uploads: users can upload single/multiple files and send them as email attachment
  • PDF file generation: automatically create PDF files from form submissions which will be sent via email
  • Backend verification for increased security
  • Translation ready (e.g. WPML)
  • Visual email handling with the WordPress editor
  • Import / export forms for easy backups
  • WooCommerce integration: attach forms to products or simply use WooCommerce as payment gateway
  • PayPal integration
  • … and many more features!
  • Input element
  • Email
  • Textfield
  • Datepicker
  • Timepicker
  • Dropdown-list
  • Radio buttons
  • Checkboxes
  • Numbers
  • Subtotal
  • Image
  • Fileupload
  • Payment choice
  • … and more!
What is ez Form Calculator?

It is a customizable form-building plugin for WordPress featuring calculation and conditional fields, file uploads, email customization, PayPal payment, WooCommerce integration and much more. Think of it as a virtual assistant. You’ll need the extra pair of hands that this WordPress plugin provides especially if you are a one man show running a business from beginning to end.

Let’s say you are a web designer with a great end product to offer. We all know how time-consuming it is to have to think of everything, web design and development, accounts management, customer care, sales, etc. The list is endless. ez Form Calculator is a form generator that will help your organize your business and provide customers with the necessary information to make a purchase. You would normally need someone to do the job of booking appointments with customers and giving quotes.

With ez Form Calculator you will save money because you won’t need someone to do these jobs. This WordPress form-builder is quick and easy to use and you can customize according to your business needs. It is ideal for any time of business. Hairdressing, vacation rental, taxi services, food services amongst many others. Customers will get a quote right away and they can pay by various means such as PayPal and WooCommerce.